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Jazz Hands is a fresh new blog for musical theatre fanatics written by a fanatic herself. Created over the summer of 2015, out of my passion for musical theatre and desire to share my experiences. I aim to share my love of a genre that brings together music, singing, dancing, and acting.

Born and named; it’s story is yet to be written. So, if you’re a big time theatre geek, or just here for a quick, curious browse, Jazz Hands is the up-to-date blog for you. With reviews, commentary, tips, local theatre information and much more, Jazz Hands aims to keep you updated and occupied with the latest news and musical content.

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Meet the team

We are hugely grateful to our team of staff and contributing writers, who bring an enormous and varied set of experiences, views, content and fun to Jazz Hands.


Alex Witheridge is an undergraduate at Chichester University, studying Musical Theatre and Arts Development. Having previously studied Performing Arts at Farnborough Sixth Form, she has also attended The Guildford School of Acting and The Biz Theatre School. When she’s not ‘furiously’ studying, Alex likes to read, write and listen to every musical soundtrack out there; as well as watch live shows and perform on stage herself.
Alex Witheridge

Musical Theatre has always been an outlet for me, nothing feels better than letting all that stress go, by belting out your favourite Wicked song. And now I can get the same kind of feeling, by sharing my passion here on Jazz Hands.

Alex Witheridge, Jazz Hands